50 Pieces Baby Chick Splay Leg Hobble Brace Leg Bracelet Hobbling



  • Adjust splayed legs: the baby chick leg hobbles are designed to adjust splayed legs of new born chicks who are only 1-3 days old. By keeping a balance of the two legs, the hobbling chicken braces kit can help straighten splayed legs and help chicks with spraddle leg walk in a normal way, support the legs in a natural position, improving their survival rate
  • Package includes: the package includes 50 pieces of elastic rings in different colors and 50 pieces of rubber tubes, both are soft and can help you distinguish your chicks
  • Easy to use: slide the elastic rings into the rubber tub, and then very carefully and gently place the loops of the elastic ring on the legs on the little chick and place the chick in an isolate or single room for at minimum of 24 hours
  • Key instructions: While wearing the leg bracelet, please place the baby chick above a tassel or cloth which will not make them slip down again. And sufficient food or water are also needed for the chicks
  • Wide application: the splayed leg treatment bracelet is suitable for most baby poultry and small size birds, chicks, pigeon, etc. New-born baby of large size poultry is not recommended


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