Door Safety Chain Latch Jammer from Inside Portable Door Lock Pocket



About this item

  • Rugged and Durable: The door lock is made of heavy-duty steel and covered with strong ABS plastic to prevent damage to the door under pressure. The steel surface with electroplating and polishing technology ensures a smooth touch and is guaranteed to remain as new for a long time. The metal plate is hard and thick. It can withstand the violent impact of external forces. The intruder cannot enter the room even if he obtains the key. Increased security for unwanted and untimely visitors.
  • Easy to Install or Disassemble: No need to punch or install. It can be installed in a few seconds without any tools. Easy to disassemble in case of fire. The design of the portable door lock is better than the original design because it has two options/types of door handle sizes. Before buying, please make sure to check that the gap between your door frame and the door is enough to plug the metal plate. Note: Must be used on doors that only open inward.
  • Compact, Easy to Carry.You can put the door stopper in your pocket or bag. Although small in size, it can close your door tightly. A bit heavy but def worth especially for the solo travelers. When you are alone at home or traveling, it will give you a sense of security, bring peace of mind, and sleep at ease. And it has its own small bag for easy storage.
  • Wide Range of Uses: Provide security protection for travelers, college students, and singles. Add door lock latch to provide effective security for hotels, schools, short-term rentals, Airbnbs, bathrooms, or private rooms. The deadbolt lock can also be used to prevent pets from going out. You only need to use this portable reinforcement door jammer to lock the door from the inside. Our door locks are designed to provide extra security and privacy to your space.
  • Compact Design: The portable door lock size is 4.3 x 1.26 x 0.4 inches, with two holes. The width is 0.78 inches, and the length is 0.78 inches and 1.2 inches. If you are not satisfied with the portable door chain lock, please contact us. Our service team will quickly deal with your problem within 24 hours.


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